Mental Edge

“I have learned so much at All Heart Academy, I don’t know where to start. The mental aspect was the

most Important and missing factor that I needed in my wrestling career. – I got the Mental Edge at All

Heart Academy” – Bandon Cray (NJ State Champion 2014)

Assertive and Confident

“My son has improved incredibly at All Heart. He was shy and intimidated at first, but now he is a

confident wrestler. He really takes control of the match. There has been such a huge improvement” –

Mike K.
Hamilton, NJ

Personal Attention

“The coaches at All Heart Academy have such a passion for wrestling – it exceeds all other wrestling

clubs that I have been at. They seem to really care about the kids – Not just winning and losing. Every

kid gets personal attention – Not just the really good kids. You can really see the difference”

Lisa R.
Bordentown, NJ


“I felt so comfortable in my very first class. I didn’t have any experience, but I jumped right into the

class. I felt part of the team in no time at all. This place is awesome. That’s all I have to say”

Jordan R
Hamilton, NJ

Great Workout

“I tried the MMA class because I was bored of my regular gym routine. WOW – what a different

workout. The class had me sweating like never before. I definetly suggest trying out a class – It was


Roger M
Lawrence, NJ

Real Life Self Defense

“The techniques that I learned at All Heart are amazing. I feel a lot more confident walking down the

streets. I know that I can defend myself if I had to. I am NOT a UFC fighter nor do I want to be, but I am

really pleased with the techniques that I am learning for my own self-defense.”


“The staff at All Heart Academy is very professional. My experiences have been nothing but positive.

Anytime I had to call or needed to talk to the instructor with any concerns it’s been a very positive

experience. I would highly recommend All Heart Academy. I would recommend the self-defense course.

It was great and I feel so much safer now.”

Audrey S
Hamilton, NJ


The instructors at All Heart are fantastic, they are very positive, very encouraging, they expect a lot but

they are also know our limitations. The staff is very easy to work with and they are very friendly and very

helpful. My daughter seems much more confident in what she does. This course was great. She’s more

self-assured of an individual, a leader rather than a follower.”

Debbie C
Robbinsville, NJ