Multiple Clown Sightings in New Jersey, Learn Self-Defense to Protect Yourself and Family at All Heart Academy

If you’ve been watching the news it’s no secret that clowns are on a mission to scare our children and citizens in New Jersey. All Heart Academy is offering classes in self defense, bully prevention, and martial arts that teach you how to defend yourself and your family. The killer clown scandal is based around an older movie that’s being remade and released before Halloween. This prank has now become a sweeping trend across the nation. Some people have taken it too far and it’s now beginning to threaten the safety of our citizens in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. We’re predicting that this trend will only get worse in the upcoming weeks. What started off as a comical prank has now turned into another avenue for criminals to harm innocent people.

It’s important that we offer classes that will teach you the basics and fundamentals of martial arts and self-defense. The majority of these clowns are individuals who are just committing a prank. We must take this threat serious as a community and do everything we can to watch out for one another. Unfortunately, this clown scandal has given friendly clowns a bad reputation and several out of work. All Heart Academy would like to offer you a free trial class to learn more about self defense and how to protect yourself. We’re focused on building better individuals that become confident, discipline, and respectful. What started as a prank has now become a threat to our community and we must stay vigilant and remain alert.


Stop by All Heart Academy Martial Arts & Fitness and enjoy a free class on us. It’s our mission to make Hamilton, New Jersey a safe and friendly neighborhood for everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon!