Bully prevention and self-defense training is offered at All Heart Academy for kids, teens, and adults. All of the classes we teach will instantly boost your child’s confidence. They’ll also improve improve in other aspects of their life while staying active and becoming part of the All Heart Academy team. Self-Defense instruction is our number one goal for every student at the academy. We achieve bully prevention and self-defense training through multiple forms of martial arts combined into our programs for kids, teens, and adults. To be part of a class for free today check out our schedule. We’re very involved with our youth in the area and are offering a free day to train with us at the academy to residents in the Hamilton and Robbinsville New Jersey areas.

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Consistently in the United States, three million kids miss school because of of bullying. This is happening in our area in Hamilton and Robbinsville, NJ. In our bully prevention┬áprogram, we’ll teach your child how to verbally deal with bullies, how to deal with escalation, and how to properly defend themselves. They’ll learn practical defense that will help them deal with any situation whether it be verbal or physical. We use a combination of martial arts and grappling techniques that are proven to effectively defend yourself. Bullies prey on kids that appear to be lacking confidence. Although that may not be the actual case with your child, it’s the first thing they look for.

In class, we’ll role play and teach them how to deal with situations like this. Our coaches are well trained and have competed at the highest level of martial arts in the Olympics. We take a lot of pride in bully proofing the children in this are. All Heart Academy has taken kids who were once victims of of verbal bullying abuse and has turned them into state champion wrestlers. Your child or teenager will be grouped together with kids their own age range and experience level. As they gain experience and hit achievements they’ll advance through our belt program and be breaking boards in no time.