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Great place! Friendly staff and the kids have a great time. Also great place for a birthday party.

Wendy Gelinas Senatra reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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Just enrolled both of my kids in the Ninja program. Great gym and coaches! So happy we found this place!!!

Linda Polen-hahn reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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My grandson joined the Ninja Warrior class a month ago and loves it! There is a wide variety of physical challenges and he has made so much progress! He just signed up for Ninja Warrior day camp and he is having a blast! The real HEART of All Heart Academy is the coaches! They make exercise fun and really help build confidence and self esteem! You have to come check this place out!

Taylor Wyszynski reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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My daughter Isabella is obsessed with the Ninja Warrior class. It not only has helped her physical abilities and social skills but has taught her an important lesson about trying your best and not giving up! Dan and all the coaches are so nice. Everyone loves an owner who cares about each individual customer. We have not been there in a year and when I called to book my daughter's 6th birthday party, Dan remembered exactly who my daughter and I were. They have even taken suggestions and altered the class times to make it easier for us parents to make sure our kids can do what they love! Looking forward to joining back up with the new class schedule and even more excited for my daughter's birthday party which will no doubt be a blast (and not to mention far more affordable than any other place I looked at).

Chris Kristin Collins reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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My 2 boys have been going to All Heart Academy 3x a week for the last 18 months and there is no stopping them now! They love the classes and are staying fit, learning how to protect themselves and how to work hard. Their enthusiasm has rubbed off and I started the adult strike class 2x a week! Such a great and rewarding workout. Can't say enough about Coach Dan, Coach Kevin and Coach Justin!

David Clayton reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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Coach Dan and his instructors at All Heart Academy’s Kids MMA program have helped my sons and other children in immeasurable ways. The students all improve their impulse control and discipline while increasing self-confidence and body awareness. Over the years I have seen the kids have fun while learning very effective self-defense. I’ve observed timid new students, get on the mats and in a short time transform into more athletic and confident version of themselves through this program and Coach Dan’s infectious “can do” attitude. They always have a great student to instructor ratio to ensure the necessary personal attention is provided for student growth. It is a physically challenging program which builds strength, balance and improving agility. Best of all; the students never get bored!! This is NOT “traditional karate” which many kids today find unexciting; this is truly mixed martial arts where they blend boxing, kick boxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling into every class. All students develop athletically and personally while immersed in this fantastic program.

Vannessa La Rosa reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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Watching my daughter's confidence grow with every class is amazing the coaches take the time to make sure each kid gets the attention they deserve.

Sheryl Fornoff Quatermas reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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My son Robby started as a free trial week for afterschool camp. He loved it so much he is at spring break camp and never wants to leave. Thanks to your ALL HEART additude you give so much to these kuds and it's appreciated. We love All heart academy!!

Laurie Mount reviewed All Heart Athletic Academy
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My son has been going to All Heart for a little over a month. It all started with a boy scout event here and ever since...he's been hooked. The people that work here, especially the owner Dan Heart, really care about the kids and making sure they are getting what they need out of every class. This place means a lot to my son and he has formed such a great friendship with one of his scout buddies that also goes here. We drive 40 minutes to get here 2-3 times a week. Thank you Dan and the All Heart staff for putting your heart into these kids!! The name of the business suits the place very well because you are ALL HEART!

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Our latest news & thoughts

25 Ways to Say Good Job

25 Alternatives to “Good Job”

Here is a 🔥 article on alternatives to just saying “good job”. While it was written from a parenting perspective, these tips are 💯 % applicable with our ninjas as well! 👊

💥 25 Alternatives to “Good Job” 💥

❇️ Say thank you when you mean it – explain why you are grateful for your child’s actions:
* Thank you for helping with…
* It makes mornings/dinner/outings easier when you…. thank you
* I really appreciate it when you…
* Thank you for doing that… it means I/we can now…

▶️ Make an observation based on facts – just say what you see without emotions or judgment.
* We did it together.
* Wow! You made a building/ drawing/etc.
* You did it on your own.
* You did x and then y and worked it out.
* You used lots of red paint/blocks/tape/etc.
* You made it really big/small/colourful/complicated/etc.
* That took you a long time, and you did it!

❇️ Extend and encourage – extend learning and encourage conversation by asking questions about what you see while also recognising their efforts.
* How did you do that?
* You did X, what will you do now?
* Can you tell me about it?
* What is your favourite part?
* How did you think of that?

✳️ Put feelings into words – explain how something makes you feel, help your kids notice how their actions make others feel and acknowledge your children’s own feelings.
* I really enjoy doing this with you.
* I love watching you create/help others/play soccer/ etc.
* I’m so proud of you, every day, no matter what.
* Look how happy your friend is when you share/help/smile/etc.
* You kept going, even when it was hard.
* You look so pleased to have done that!
* You made X feel so pleased when you did that.
* It makes you feel good when you do X.

▶️ Say nothing – we don’t need to praise every little action, or fill every space with noise. It is enough to sit back and watch our children’s delight in their own achievements
* Say nothing – just smile.

 Changing this habit and taking the time to think of something better to say can be hard, and it takes more time and effort, but that is the point.

✳️ It is next to meaningless if we just let rote praise spew out of our mouths without thinking.

❇️ Only say something when you mean it, then you won’t notice the time and effort it takes to tell your child how you feel, how excited, or how thankful you are because it will be genuine.

🔥 Thank you all for reading and we hope you enjoyed the article! 🔥